The 2014 Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS) state and region reports are available now at the following links:

Texas Education Agency – PBMAS State Reports

Texas Education Agency – PBMAS Region Reports

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Elementary School Principal

Click here to see the longer version of the video from the

Principal’s Network on October 20:  Elementary School Principal


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TEA accountability resources

accountability_rating_system-03TEA Accountability video

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TAA letter on accountability

Studentassessment1415 (2)

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Focus School Gap Calculation

2014-15 Focus School Gap Calculation Template

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Passing Standards

Accountability standards Click on count to open a copy of this chart or copy and paste the link below into your browser bar link http://esc20.net/users/0100/Accountability/WhatisPassing.pdf

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Trigger Law Materials

These are the materials discussed during the Trigger Law discussion.


3SB738 4TAC97.1065

5TEC39.107 (3)



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Proposed Graduation Plan highlights

As you formulate next year’s course offerings, please consider the following (although these are NOT final rules):


  1. for a STEM endorsement, students must take Algebra II, chemistry, physics, AND four related credit
  2. speech is no longer identified as a specific credit requirement
  3.  a given AP or IB course may not count toward more than one credit required for graduation
  4.  the criteria for earning performance acknowledgments are quite high (e.g., an AP score of 4 or 5)
  5.  districts must report to TEA names of locally developed courses, programs, IHEs and internships that count for graduation credit
  6.  mathematics courses are grouped, such that some can only be taken as a third math credit for graduation purposes, and others are subject to prerequisites
  7. Algebra II can be taken as either the third or fourth credits in math; these advanced credit requirements can be satisfied in “mix-or-match” combinations within a group of courses
  8. students also can complete “mix-or-match” combinations of courses to satisfy advanced credit requirements in science, subject to prerequisites
  9. within endorsement-specific requirements, when students are taking CTE courses, rule language was made more flexible to accommodate the varying credit weights of the courses (“a coherent sequence of three or more courses for four or more credits”)
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Graduation Rules Posted

TEA has posted to their website a copy of the graduation plan rules, as approved for filing with the Texas Register.  The comment period opens Dec. 20 and closes at the Jan. 2014 SBOE meeting (Jan. 28-31, 2014).

Please see website for for more information:


TEA has also posted information of the adoption of two updates to the Texas Administrative Code.  Commissioner rules related to the transition to new graduation plans, and related to substitute tests for EOC test graduation requirements, were adopted and will take effect December 16.  Please see the webpage “Texas Education Agency—Administrative Rules for the text of proposed rules (below this message).

The comment period on several important sets of proposed commissioner rules ends December 23. These proposed  rules pertain to dissemination of school report cards and the new Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPRs); grade advancement and accelerated instruction; examination requirements for graduation; and participation of English language learners in the state assessment program.  Districts should submit comments to the agency by December 23, 2013 at rules@tea.state.tx.us. 

Click on TEA–Administrative Rules

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Index 2 Targets


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